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Hi there and welcome to Sole to Soul Walks.

Sole to Soul Walks is about taking that step out into the big wide world. It’s about taking a deep breath and putting one foot forward. Sole to soul, one step at a time. It’s about empowering others to seek and experience the many physical and mental benefits of exploring the world at a slowed down, smell the roses pace.

I rediscovered my love for walking and the peace that it brings me after the death of my husband in 2014. I have always enjoyed walking and hiking but through my loss and grief I was reminded of the peace and clarity it brings to my mind. Walking allows me to lose myself in the moment to enjoy the here and now, to just be.

I went from being a local walker to literally walking the world. When you explore the world by foot you see it very differently. You find yourself immersed in the culture of a town or village, you get the feel for how the locals live, giving you a stronger sense of connection. Everyone’s journey on the same route is individual to them. Guests are often surprised and delighted by the experience.

I’ve been privileged to share my walking experiences with so many beautiful people around the world, all of whom have been on their own journey. To date I have completed the Kumano Kodo in Japan, Mont Blanc in Europe, The Camino de Santiago (The way of St. James) 800km’s, I’ve even walked around the Island of Nauru. In 2017 my son and I completed the Kokoda Trek which was one of the most rewarding, physically and mentally challenging, healing experiences I’ve ever had and to share that with my son was just amazing. I am proud to say I have walked from Beechworth to Sydney (720km) to raise funds and awareness for mental health ( This journey was shared with an amazing team including my daughter, together we discovered the power of just walking and talking; a simple yet effective formula.

Exploring the world by foot, immersing yourself in places miles away from home, soaking in the sounds and aroma of everyday life, connecting with locals and listening to their stories offers you a vastly different perspective of the world we live in.

Sole to Soul allows me to help you take in these amazing landscapes and villages on the best walking routes in Australia, New Zealand and around the world. Come and find the same joy and peace of mind I have found, one step at a time.

I look forward to helping you make your walking dreams a reality.

- Lisa

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